I love marketing!
My name is Peter Ocello and I am the founder and President of Bullseye Local Marketing. I have been marketing business professionals in locations throughout the U.S. and Canada since 2004 and I love what I do!
I am passionate about business and about generating new business for my clients. Besides exercising and good times with family & friends nothing makes me happier than building happy, healthy, long term business relationships. And my clients feel the same way;
they enjoy working with me because they know I am passionate about business and about generating new business for them.
My clients don't enjoy feeling like a number
There are many reasons why my clients enjoy doing business with me, not just because I make their phones ring! The one thing they tell me they appreciate the most is the fact that I am always here for them, easily reachable by phone or email. Nobody likes having to "submit" a question to their marketing firm and then wait, and wait, and wait for an answer. When my clients have a question they call me- and I answer. When they want to make a change to their campaign they email me- and I respond quickly and take care of their request within a couple of hours. I provide each of my clients with my direct phone number and email address so they can reach me through my Blackberry anytime!
If you'd like to know the history of my company, and how it all began, please click here. Once the web page "jumps" look in the right hand column of the page.
My team and I have developed a very unique and effective marketing package designed for small to medium sized local businesses & business professionals located anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Our packages are for real- they generate real results, results which are clearly tracked by our unique tracking system. Once a client has been using our service for a month or two they often tell us that we are unlike any other marketing company they've worked with in the past. They tell us that they are used to having to sign long term commitments, not seeing results, and being treated like a number.
If this sounds like some of your past experiences, and you're ready for a change, let me know. I will deliver real results, provide you with customer service that is second to none, and introduce you to a whole new way of doing business with a marketing firm.
My guarantee to you: either you love the results or I tear up your contract!
The hardest part of my job is getting new clients signed up, the easiest part is keeping them as clients. I am always thinking of new ways to make it easier to acquire new clients. My most recent idea is my
Performance Guarantee. Simply put, if I can't generate real results for you in your very first month, I'll tear up your contract. There are no special forms to fill out and no hurdles involved, you just tell me you don't love the program at the end of your first month and you're done- period.
That is how confident I am that you will love my program and continue to use it to generate new business month after month! I challenge you to try us for a month. As I stated I strive to make my program low risk, and with a one month trial the odds are in your favor- you stand to benefit much more than you stand to lose.
I have a huge favor to ask of you:
Before you read the details of my program please remove any and all preconceived thoughts you have about local marketing of this type. Everyday I listen to business people tell me they've tried this and they've tried that and that it didn't work for them. Or that they set up the same campaign themselves and it didn't generate results for them. I've heard it all! If you are already convinced this won't work then you'll never know that it really does. This is what I do every single day, day in and day out, and it works. If it didn't work I wouldn't be in my eighth successful year in business with a solid client base.
Please take a few minutes to scroll through the details of our program, so you get an understanding of how it works. And please keep in mind, this is not the same program you have tried with other companies. That is a very common misconception I hear a lot. Our program generates real results while most other similar looking programs fail. This program is also our own creation that we developed in-house, not a marketing program we resell for a larger company.
Pressed for time? Would you prefer the short version of how it works?
It takes about 10 minutes to go through the details below. If you'd prefer the short version first, to see if this sounds like something you'd like to know more about, please click here.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!
Here's how it works:
Using a simple yet effective template, we create a custom one page website to represent you. The website has a professional layout and look, explains your services, the local area you serve, and tells why you are the one they should contact for their needs. This site also has several tracking devices embedded in it that enable us to constantly monitor it's performance. Your site can be customized to include your company logo, custom images, etc. Take a look at a few of our current templates:
On your site we'll display a unique phone number which will allow us to track every single call generated through your campaign, and the tracking phone number will ring through to where ever you specify, even to a cell phone if necessary. Again, these calls do not come to our staff, they go to you. This feature allows us (and you) the ability to know exactly how well the campaign is working, or if it's not.
Call recording
Unless for some reason you prefer not to, we also record all calls coming in through your tracking phone number. This allows you to listen to the actual calls from the clients we're bringing you. You will hear for yourself how well qualified these clients are, as well as have a record of verbal communications between you and them.
*We provide the FCC required intro to record the calls and handle the entire set up process.
These email forms are built into the website, and give the user the option of sending an email as opposed to calling you. Because this email form is part of the marketing materials provided by us, every email that comes in is stored and tracked in our system as well. These emails are stored strictly for you, and not so that they may be distributed to any of our other clients. These are your exclusive leads.
The user will not see your email address anywhere on your marketing site. If they choose to email you they will simply complete the form and click the submit button.
Once the user clicks the submit button a copy of the email gets sent to your email address
PLUS a copy gets sent to your mobile phone as a text message
PLUS our FORM2PHONE automated dialing system will call you (see below for more information on this new feature). A back-up copy of the lead is also stored in our tracking system for future reference.
We will then create your own online marketing campaign that will capture local customer leads. We do not purchase these leads, we “grow” these leads ourselves. The clients we generate for you are people in your geographical area, actively looking for your specific services. We direct them to your marketing site where they see you, and only you. When they contact you to discuss their needs, they are contacting you directly. We do not stand in the way of these new clients reaching you in any way at all.
NOTE: All client campaigns & leads are exclusive. This means that not only are all leads generated exclusive for that particular client, but each client also gets their own exclusive territory.
We will provide you with your own username and password so that you may log into our system anytime to view your activity and leads. While in your account you'll be able to view your call log, listen to each of your phone calls, and read all of your email leads that were generated by your campaign.
"After hours" is a great time to log in and listen to your employees, or yourself on the phone. Phone call audio files are typically uploaded for you to hear about 30 minutes after the actual time of the phone call.
The refining process
We utilize our own custom software that tracks every visitor to our client's marketing sites, which is extremely effective in optimizing the performance of our client's campaigns.
NOTE: This is our own proprietary software we created in-house. We have not purchased this software from an outside source, nor do we share or resell this software to other marketing companies.
Every step of our marketing process qualifies your new customer further, before they're able to contact you. By the time the customer reaches your contact information, they have a clear understanding of exactly what you offer, where you are located (or what areas you serve), and are ready to initiate the relationship. The process we use ensures that they will be in your local area and actively looking for your exact services. This is a match-making process and there are no mis-matches!
When was the last time you signed up for a similar program that produced these results?
Campaign up & running within 3 business days
First new customer contact received either the very first day or within 2 or 3 days
Anywhere from 10 to 25 new customer contacts within the very first month
Obviously each campaign varies & not all produce these results, but a large percentage of them actually do! There is not a week that goes by without one or two new clients contacting us to tell us how amazed they are at the quick results, as well as the pre-qualification of their new customers. Here's a few case studies of actual campaigns we are currently running:
Mobile pet grooming business
28 calls & emails in the first month & an average of 24 calls & emails per month thereafter
Mental Health clinic
24 calls & emails in the first month & an average of 29 calls & emails per month thereafter
Business Broker targeting business sellers
21 calls & emails in the first month & an average of 20 calls & emails per month thereafter
Our leads are higher quality, period. Each of our clients are 100% exclusive in their local area. Our results speak for themselves & our clients love their results!
If you can't say the same for the leads you're currently receiving, or this sounds like the type of leads you'd like, it's time for you to make a change.
Complete marketing site provided by us
(no need to update or modify your website)
Tracking phone number & call recording set up by us (nothing required on your part)
Tracking email form which also captures your exclusive leads (also set up by us) Your own locally targeted campaign generating exclusive leads in your exclusive territory
Multiple campaign levels offering affordable options for all businesses and professionals Performance Guarantee allowing you to break your contract if your market is "dead"
Only a 3 month commitment required 24/7 access to your campaign and your leads
We have heard time and time again from clients that they have tried other campaigns in the past that have delivered poor results, and that they were required to continue paying month after month despite the weak results.
In the spirit of making it easier to get a campaign started with less risk, we provide our clients with a Performance Guarantee. Simply put, if we can't deliver what you consider to be enough valuable results during the first month of marketing, you are free to cancel your contract with us without owing any additional costs or cancellation fees. There's no fine print, and no special forms to fill out, you simply calls us and says you choose to cancel early and it's done, plain and simple!
Once you're signed up, your local area becomes your exclusive territory. If one of your local competitors sees the site we've made for you and contacts us to inquire about our services, we will not market them!
It is important to understand that every lead generated is generated for one particular client only. When a lead is generated for you, that lead is only being delivered to you. Unlike many other lead generation companies, we do not generate leads, bring the leads into our "system", and then distribute the leads to multiple businesses (clients) in that particular geographical area and industry.
How many lead generation companies do you know that offer that type of exclusivity and loyalty?
Our Silver Plan is our most affordable plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site.
This plan was created to be a comfortable starting level. After generating solid results & sales on this level most new clients upgrade to one of our higher levels. All clients have the ability to upgrade their campaign at any time.
Our Gold Plan is our most popular plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site plus extra exposure on the search engines.
Compare the Gold Plan vs. the Silver Plan:
The Gold Plan costs 33% more than the Silver Plan yet generates 65% more exposure making it a better value "per dollar".
Our Platinum Plan is our highest level starter plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site plus the most extra exposure on the search engines.
Compare the Platinum Plan vs. the Gold Plan:
The Platinum Plan costs 25% more than the Gold Plan yet generates 50% more exposure making it the greatest value "per dollar".
To help make it easier for clients to get a campaign started we created our Flex Pay weekly payment option. For clients paying with a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card the flex pay option converts the monthly campaign cost into much smaller weekly payments, so clients will have small weekly payments instead of paying for each month in one full payment.
Another big advantage of this option- it reduces the initial start-up cost by more than 50%.
Without the flex pay option
the Silver Plan costs $749 to start then $599 per month.
With the flex pay option
the Silver Plan costs $295 to start then $145 per week.
Without the flex pay option
the Gold Plan costs $949 to start then $799 per month.
With the flex pay option
the Gold Plan costs $345 to start then $195 per week.
Without the flex pay option
the Platinum Plan costs $1149 to start then $999 per month.
With the flex pay option
the Platinum Plan costs $395 to start then $245 per week.
All of our clients tell us the same thing:
"If you can generate good leads for me I will not only be a client of yours for a long time to come but I'll also upgrade to a much higher campaign level."
We realize that your success is our success, plain and simple.
We know that once we start a campaign for you it is up to us to make it work for you so that you too will become a long term client.
We're offering lower rates than ever before, we make it easy to get started by handling everything that is needed to get your campaign running, and we're offering you a 1 month trial.
If you're already working with one of our sales reps, please contact them to get started.
If you're not working with one of our Sales Representatives, please contact me:
Peter Ocello - Sales Manager - Phone: 1.888.869.0248
or email me through the form to the right.
To expedite the start up process CLICK HERE to download our sign up form. Please know that when you complete and fax the form back that we will not start your campaign until we contact you and discuss the specifics of your campaign.
We also utilize an email fax system, which means that all incoming faxes are safely delivered to our secure email box. Our fax system is available 24/7, is safe and secure, and does not require a cover letter.
How would you like to save $50?
CLICK HERE to take a short survey and receive an extra $50 discount
For additional information or if you have any questions please call 1.888.869.0248 or email me through the form to the right.
Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Peter Ocello
Bullseye Local Marketing, Inc.
It's official- our clients love us! CLICK HERE to see what some of our clients had to say about us...
CLICK HERE to see the top five reasons why our clients love doing business with us.
Questions? Comments?
I want to hear from you!
I want to hear your thoughts on our program, and of course any questions you may have.
I'd also like to know if you would like to start your own campaign but have concerns, what are your concerns?
Drop me a line!
Please tell me your questions, comments or thoughts:
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BBB A+ Rated
We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating.
Stop paying to compete
w/ your local competitors
Stop paying to advertise with your competitors. We only work with one client per industry, per geographical location. We build solid & healthy exclusive relationships with each of our clients.
Stop signing 12 month commitments
Our clients never have to sign a 12 month commitment, or even a 6 month commitment. Our clients only agree to a 3 month trial period. After the trial period our clients only continue to do business with us if they choose to!
Stop buying low quality or shared leads
If you're tired of working with low quality leads or the frustration of working shared leads, we know your pain. Make a change!
Our leads are pre-qualified, high quality, 100% exclusive and phone verified before they are delivered to you. You simply will not find this combination with any other lead supply company.
It only takes 10 minutes
to get started
We realize you're busy, so we make it easy! You simply answer a few questions, tell us what type of clients you're looking for and what local area you'd like to target, and we handle the rest.
And once your marketing site is complete, you get to proof it before it goes live. Your campaign will not go live until you tell us you love it!
Bullseye Local Marketing
how it all began!
In 2002 I had been running my family's automotive service and repair facility for about 12 years and was quickly getting tired of the long hours and stress. At that same time a friend of mine told me about a few companies that were launching affiliate programs for independent webmasters. Coincidentally I was also in the process of learning graphic design and web design for the purpose of creating websites so that I could then make the natural transition into internet marketing. The timing was perfect!
In 2002 very few people were using the internet to search for local products or services. There really was no such thing as “local search”. In fact, we also didn't have the search engines we have today such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Back then the biggest name in the search engine business was GoTo.com which very few people had even heard of. By the end of 2002 I had a handful of websites online promoting a few different industries (mainly insurance) and I had numerous ads running every day on a few search engines. Within a couple of months I started seeing good, steady results from my marketing efforts and my 10 hour a week hobby was starting to make me some nice extra money!
I continued learning more and more about internet marketing while still running my family's business full-time, and as time went on I was growing more and more tired of the auto repair industry. Then two young, very smart internet marketing guys decided to break away from GoTo.com and Overture.com and start their own search engine- Google.com. From the day it was created Google was able to target advertisers ads to a much more precisely targeted audience and as we all know they grew very big very quickly. They have quickly created the most comprehensive and sophisticated internet marketing platform anybody had ever seen, and from the day they started generating revenue from that platform they have never stopped finding new, innovative ways to get advertisers ads in front of the most precisely targeted audiences.
In the middle of 2004 Google announced they would be creating a whole new side to their search engine focusing strictly on local search. They explained that their statistics proved without a doubt that search engines are being used more and more for local purposes, and less and less for global purposes. Once they announced their local search feature Yahoo and the others quickly did the same. It was at that time that I decided to start Bullseye Local Marketing and begin focusing my attention on local search services for business owners throughout the U.S.
Over the last six or seven years I have built a very solid business offering clients affordable, effective local marketing combined with very personal service. Over the years I have listened to many small and medium-sized business owners so that I can understand what they need to grow their business, which is what I need to know to grow my business! I have also watched the big companies in my industry to make sure that my marketing programs include all of the great high-tech features theirs offer. I decided that offering the same great services and features the big companies offer, at a fraction of the cost topped with a very personalized service from myself would be the best formula I could use to be successful. So far so good!
As I mentioned earlier I truly love what I do each and every day. I love business, I love making business happen, I love hearing my clients tell me that they also love business and that they love the business I generate for them. I consider myself very fortunate and I thank God every day for everything in my life. I do hope to continue growing my business over the years however I don't wish to grow too large for fear of increasing the stress of being a business owner to the point where the love dissolves. When I look back to my younger years when I first joined my father in the garage business I remember how much I loved managing our small and modest business. A few years after managing the business we expanded and opened a much larger facility and basically tripled our efforts and production. The stress quickly conquered the joy and by the time I was about 32 years old I realized I would not be able to handle that business too much longer. With that said I am very cautious about how I grow my business!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I promise you that if you're looking for a marketing professional that truly cares about their client's success and is passionate and dedicated to generating new business for you, you will not regret putting your marketing in my hands. I hope to hear from you soon.
A+ BBB members
We are also proud accredited
A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau since our business inception in 2004.
It's official- our clients love us! CLICK HERE to see what some of our clients had to say about us...
CLICK HERE to see the top five reasons why our clients love doing business with us.
It only takes 10 minutes
to get started
We realize you're busy, so we make it easy! You simply answer a few questions, tell us what type of clients you're looking for and what local area you'd like to target, and we handle the rest.
And once your marketing site is complete, you get to proof it before it goes live. Your campaign will not go live until you tell us you love it!
Questions? Comments?
I want to hear from you!
I want to hear your thoughts on our program, and of course any questions you may have.
I'd also like to know if you would like to start your own campaign but have concerns, what are your concerns?
Drop me a line!
Please tell me your questions, comments or thoughts:
Your privacy is important to us
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: How is your local internet marketing program different than other local marketing programs?
  A: This is by far the most commonly asked question and the toughest to answer! There are literally thousands of local marketing companies out there and each of them have their own "recipe" for their programs. Our program is different, and in our opinion (and our client's opinions) it is also much better than the large majority of other business marketing plans. Here is a short list of the most common differences between our local marketing program and a lot of other local marketing programs:
  As the President and founder of the company I insist on keeping the company relatively small and always focusing on quality and not quantity. At any given time we're working with 60 to 100 clients at a time- that's it. I have absolutely no interest in ever growing the company beyond that level as I've learned over the years that with too much growth comes too much stress, loss of focus and most importantly loss of personal attention dedicated to each and every client. Our team consists of about four or five members including myself, and the only "front person" that handles the clients is myself. I am also the only person who handles the campaign creations and managing day after day. I'm the person with the local internet marketing experience and the know how needed to keep the clients happy and to keep their phones ringing with new business!
  We never, ever force a client to continue marketing with us if they feel it is not beneficial to them. All of our marketing clients have the ability to terminate their marketing at any time if it is not working for them. Anytime a client expresses concern about the performance of their campaign we analyze what is taking place with their program and we fix the problem. If it turns out that the problem is the client's local market, or something else that is beyond our control then we agree to terminate the marketing regardless of any signed authorizations or 3 month commitments we asked for initially.
  We only work with one business client in each local area and every one of our clients gets their own exclusive territory. This is one area where I can honestly say I don't know of any other marketing companies that offer the same. Put simply if we run a campaign for you we will never run a campaign for any other competitors that want to target the same local area for the same type of new customers or clients.
  As the boss and the one who knows how to keep clients happy I am always immediately available to our clients. It is very rare that a client ever tries to reach me and has to wait more than a few hours to hear from me. About 90% of the time a client contacts me I either answer the phone call or reply to their email immediately. If I'm unavailable and they leave a message of any kind I always make sure to get back to them within a few hours. Each and every client has my direct email address as well as my personal phone number so they can call, email or even text message me anytime!
  Our local marketing plans and campaigns are created much more scientifically than campaigns from the bigger companies. I can't get into this too much as this is one of my biggest business secrets but I will say that I spend much more time creating the materials I use to represent our clients. I also spend much more time choosing the right keywords and other settings within the campaign- both when I first create the campaign and each day when I make regular adjustments to the campaign. Unlike the bigger marketing companies I do not have pre-generated lists of content and keywords that I plug into each campaign like a cookie cutter process. Each marketing campaign I create is specifically designed and created for that specific client and for the specific type of new clients we're targeting. This is the reason why I named our company Bullseye Local Marketing- because I make sure every local marketing campaign we create hits the bullseye!
2. Q: Is your company simply reselling a marketing program provided by a larger marketing company?
  A: Not at all. There is no other marketing company anywhere in the world (literally) that sells this exact program. Our entire platform, including the marketing sites we build, the online campaigns we create, and the tracking features and tools we use to keep our clients in touch, is something we've created in-house from our own experiences in the marketing industry. Additionally, we do net sell our platform to other marketing firms to resell for us.
3. Q: How are you able to deliver a higher level of results than the bigger marketing companies- for less money?
  A: I think the best way to answer this question is to simply refer you to the previous two questions and answers...
Local Internet Marketing
4. Q: How do you define a client (as opposed to a lead)?
  A: When it comes to determining what is considered a new client versus what may be nothing more than a lead we leave that decision completely up to you, our client. As we mentioned earlier we don't ever force a client to market with us if it's not beneficial to them, and in this same spirit we leave that control in your hands. But just to show that we view business the same way you do we want you to know that we consider a client to be anyone who has paid money to a company for services and not someone who only contacted them or met with them for a consultation or presentation.
5. Q: Are there any extra charges or fees beyond the monthly rates?
  A: There are never, ever any extra charges associated with our marketing plans, not even sales tax. Unlike other companies that provide marketing services we never charge a client for extra costs such as extra click costs, overages of any kind or taxes of any kind. The flat monthly rate of the campaign a client chooses is the only cost they will be charged- period.
6. Q: Do you offer business website design services to your clients?
  A: Yes and no. All of our marketing plans include a marketing site that we create to represent you on the web, but this marketing site is only of value when used with our marketing program and proprietary system. For clients that do not already have a website, and are interested in business web design services, we can also provide a separate website that they can use with their own domain name. For a small fee of $200 we can make a copy of the marketing site we created for the client, then remove the tracking devices. This new site can then be hosted by any hosting company the client chooses with their own personal domain name. As far as traditional multi-page websites go we don't offer new traditional website design services, we only offer sites created using our own website templates and designs.
7. Q: Will I be assigned (or handed off to) an account manager if I sign up and become a client?
  A: Never. All of our business clients deal directly with me, the boss. Once you become a client you'll have my direct email address, my personal phone number and my personal attention. I will always be your only contact person within our company.
8. Q: How large of an exclusive local territory can I be given for my marketing campaign?
  A: We are very generous when it comes to assigning exclusive territories- within reason. We know how large of an area will be needed for each marketing plan we create and this is of course dependant on the campaign, the type of clients we'll be targeting and the dollar amount of the marketing campaign. We will never assign a territory to a client that is not large enough- or even too large. The ideal size is big enough to generate the results we desire yet not so large that we're competing with more competitors than we have to.
9. Q: If I like the results of the program can I grow or expand the campaign to a higher level and how much would it cost to do that?
  A: Absolutely. Many of our clients increase their campaign level or have us launch other campaigns for them after a few months of consistently seeing positive results from our efforts. We can custom create any size marketing campaign or even multiple campaigns to target any specific type of new clients in any specific areas of the U.S. We even has some clients that have associates in different parts of the U.S. and we run multiple campaigns for them and their associates generating the exact types of clients they desire in each different geographical area. We would love nothing more than for you to become one of our marketing clients that has actually brought in extra staff and associates just to handle the new business we're generating for you!
Local Internet Marketing
10. Q: Once I start my own marketing campaign can I request changes to the campaign and the types of clients we're targeting?
  A: Absolutely. We can make any changes you'd like at any time you'd like to the marketing site we created for you as well as the actual marketing campaign we're running for you. All edits are completed within one day and there is never an extra charge as this is included in our service to our business clients.
11. Q: Are discounts available if I sign up for multiple marketing campaigns?
  A: Yes. As we previously mentioned we've love nothing more than to grow your business with our marketing programs. Any time a client wants to increase their marketing they simply contact me directly and I accommodate their needs quickly, and always with a discount.
12. Q: What are the different payment options available?
  A: We work with all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. Our merchant company does not accept Amex- sorry! For clients who prefer to write a check and mail it to us the old-fashioned way we are happy to accept payment through that method as well, although there will be a delay in creating and launching the campaign as this process takes longer for us to secure the initial payment.
13. Q: If I already have a nice website why can't you use that website for the marketing campaign?
  A: We cannot use your existing website(s) with our program because the most important parts of our packages are our tracking devices and message alert tools. The marketing site we create for you will have a special tracking phone number so we can track the calls as well as a special email form so we can track the emails. These devices not only allow us (and you) to clearly track the results but they also trigger the email and text message alerts that our system automatically sends to you anytime someone calls or emails you from our campaign. If we were to use your existing website you would never know when we're generating new clients for you, and even more importantly we would also never know. Every time a call or email is generated by us you are immediately notified so you know the program is working for you, and we are also immediately notified so we know know it's working as well.
14. Q: If I start a marketing campaign how will the website you create interfere or affect my current website?
  A: The website we create for the marketing as well as the ads we place online will not affect any other online sites or ads you are currently running in any way at all. Our site will have its own URL, different from your own domain name. The site we provide will also not be connected or linked to your main site in any way. Our entire platform is designed to run on its own, independently, and to track its own results. It stands alone and is held fully accountable for its own performance!
If you have any questions that were not answered above please feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached through the phone number or any of the email forms on this site (email is best). Thanks for taking the time to review our FAQ's and I hope to hear from you soon!
Peter Ocello, President of Bullseye Local Marketing, Inc.
Local Internet Marketing
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