100% exclusive leads & new clients. Guaranteed.

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It's All About Efficiency
Every client we work with has the same belief and philosophy; that he or she is most useful and valuable when they can focus 100% on what they do best- practice law.


Real Results & New Clients- Fast and Guaranteed
All new campaigns are launched within one week. Once the campaign is launched the ads are optimized, running, and generating results in about a week. Our performance and your new clients are guaranteed from the very first month.

How It Works:
We've broken our process down to 5 easy to understand steps:

Num 1    We create a marketing site to attract and capture your new clients

Using a simple yet effective template, we create a custom one page website to represent you. The website has a professional layout and look, explains your legal services, the local area you serve, and tells why you are the one they should contact for their legal needs. view sample site

Num 1    We install a tracking telephone number to track and record calls

On your site we'll display a unique phone number which will allow us to track every call generated through your campaign, and the tracking phone number will ring through to where ever you specify- to any 10 digit US number. This allows us (and you) the ability to know exactly how well the campaign is working.

Num 1    We install an email form to capture email leads from new clients

These email forms are part of your marketing site, and give the user the option of sending an email as opposed to calling you. When a new client completes your email form a copy of that email is immediately sent to you and a back-up copy is also stored in our tracking system for future reference.

Num 1    We set up your own exclusive, local online marketing campaign

We then create your own online marketing campaign that will capture your new clients. The clients we generate for you will be people in the geographical area you choose, actively looking for your specific legal services. We will direct them to your marketing site where they see you, and only you. When they contact you to discuss their legal needs, they'll be contacting you directly. Your geo territory that we target with your campaign will also become your exclusive territory which means we'll never promote a local competitor of yours.

We work across the entire Google search network which consistently generates the highest quality exposure and results for our clients. The Google network is responsible for approx. 88% of all search traffic and provides cutting-edge optimization tools which allow us to optimize your campaign more effectively than if using any other platform.

Num 1    24/7 access to our tracking system and your performance and results

You will have online access to our tracking system to view your activity and contacts. While in your account you'll be able to view your call log, listen to each of your calls and read all of your emails that were generated by your campaign. After hours is a great time to log in and listen to your employees, or yourself on the phone. Phone call audio files are uploaded for you to hear approx. 30 minutes after the actual time of the phone call.

Our 3 plan levels offer new clients a variety of affordable packages. The higher level packages provide us with a larger budget to purchase more exposure. This extra exposure means more results can be expected each month.

Our Silver Plan is our most affordable plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site. This plan was created to be a comfortable starting level. After generating solid results on this level most new clients upgrade to one of our higher levels. All clients have the ability to upgrade their campaign at any time.
$150 set up fee + $799 per month

Our Gold Plan is our most popular plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site plus extra exposure on the search engines.
This plan level provides a stronger "bang for your buck".
$150 set up fee + $999 per month

Our Platinum Plan is our highest level starter plan which includes all of the features outlined in the program details displayed on this site plus the most extra exposure on the search engines.
This plan level provides the strongest "bang for your buck".
$150 set up fee + $1199 per month

Our Performance Guarantee
Our standard commitment period is 3 months, however if in the first month we fail to generate the guaranteed level of results you have the option of terminating your contract at that time. We have 3 plan levels to choose from and the guarantees are as follows:

Silver Plan: we guarantee a minimum of 5 new clients per month
Gold Plan: we guarantee a minimum of 8 new clients per month
Platinum Plan: we guarantee a minimum of 11 new clients per month
Our clients also have the right to decide what is considered a new client and what is not. This means if you get a "small sale" and don't want to count it towards the guaranteed number- you don't have to.

Getting Started
Click here to download our sign up form. Please know that when you complete and return the form we will not start your campaign until we contact you and discuss the specifics of your campaign.

Save $50
Click here to take a short survey and receive an extra $50 discount.

Thanks for taking the time to review our program, I hope to hear from you soon! -Peter Ocello, President of Bullseye Local Marketing, Inc.


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We are proud to have earned and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since our inception in 2004.


Stop paying to advertise with your competitors. We only work with one client per geographical location. We build solid, healthy, exclusive relationships with each of our clients.


Our clients never have to sign a 12 month, or even 6 month commitment. Our clients only agree to a 3 month trial period PLUS if we don't generate enough high quality results in the first month they can cancel early without penalty.


If you're tired of working with low quality leads or the frustration of working shared leads, we know your pain. Our leads are always pre-qualified, high quality, 100% exclusive and inbound in real-time. You simply will not find this combination with any other marketing or lead supply company.


We realize you're busy, so we make it easy. You simply answer a few questions and tell us what your geographical market is and where to send your leads and inbound calls and we handle the rest. Click here to get started


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Frequently Asked Questions

As the President and founder of the company I insist on keeping the company relatively small and always focusing on quality over quantity. At any given time we're working with 20 to 40 clients at a time- that's it. I have no interest in ever growing the company beyond that level as I've learned over the years that with too much growth comes too much stress, loss of focus and most importantly client retention. We are a 3 person team, and the only one that handles the clients is myself. I am also the only person who handles the campaign creations and daily management. I'm the person with the attorney marketing experience and the know how needed to keep the clients happy and to keep their phones ringing with new business.

We never, ever force a client to continue marketing with us if they feel it is not beneficial to them. All of our law firm marketing clients have the ability to terminate their marketing at any time if it is not working for them. Anytime a client expresses concern about the performance of their campaign we analyze what is taking place, identify the issue and fix it. If it turns out that the problem is the client's local market, or something else that is beyond our control then we agree to terminate the marketing regardless of any signed authorizations or 3 month commitments we asked for initially.

We only work with one attorney client in each local area and every one of our clients gets their own exclusive territory. This is one area where I can honestly say I don't know of any other attorney marketing companies that offer the same. Put simply if we run a campaign for you we will never run a campaign for any other attorneys that want to target the same local area for the same types of cases.

As the boss and the one who knows how to keep clients happy I am always immediately available to our clients. It is very rare that a client ever tries to reach me and has to wait more than a few hours to hear from me. All of my clients have my direct number and email address so they can call, email or text me anytime.

Our law firm marketing plans and campaigns are created much more scientifically than campaigns from the bigger companies. I can't get into this too much as this is one of my biggest business secrets but I will say that I spend much more time creating the materials I use to represent our attorney clients. I also spend much more time choosing the right keywords and other settings within the campaign- both when I first create the campaign and each day when I make regular adjustments to the campaign. Unlike the bigger attorney and law firm marketing companies I do not have pre-generated lists of content and keywords that I plug into each campaign like a cookie cutter process. Each marketing campaign I create is specifically designed and created for that attorney or law firm client and for the specific type of new clients we're targeting. This is the reason why I named our company Bullseye Local Marketing- because I make sure every campaign we create hits the bullseye!

Not at all. There is no other attorney or law firm marketing company anywhere in the world (literally) that sells this exact program. Our entire platform, including the marketing sites we build, the online campaigns we create, and the tracking features and tools we use to keep our clients in touch, is something we've created in-house from our own experiences in the attorney / lawyer marketing industry. Additionally, we do net sell our platform to other attorney marketing firms to resell for us.

I think the best way to answer this question is to simply refer you to the previous two questions and answers...

When it comes to determining what is considered a new client versus what may be nothing more than a lead we leave that decision completely up to you, our client. As we mentioned earlier we don't ever force an attorney or law firm client to market with us if it's not beneficial to them, and in this same spirit we leave that control in your hands. But just to show that we view business the same way you do we want you to know that we consider a client to be anyone who has paid money to a company for services and not someone who only contacted them or met with them for a consultation or presentation.

There are never any extra charges or taxes associated with our law firm marketing plans. The flat monthly rate of the campaign a client chooses is the only cost they will be charged.

All of our law firm marketing plans include a marketing site that we create to represent you on the web, but this marketing site is only of value when used with our attorney marketing program. For clients that do not already have a website, and are interested in law firm web design services, we can provide a separate website. For a one-time fee of $200-$300 we can make a copy of the marketing site we created for the campaign, then remove the tracking devices. This new site would then be hosted by any hosting company the client chooses with their own personal domain name. We do not create traditional multi-page websites.

No. All of our attorney / law firm clients deal directly with me. Once you become a client you'll have my direct email address and phone number- and my personal attention. I will always be your only contact person within our company.

We are very generous when it comes to assigning exclusive territories- within reason. We know how large of an area will be needed for each lawyer / law firm marketing plan we create and this is of course dependant on the campaign, the type of clients we'll be targeting and the dollar amount of the marketing campaign. We will never assign a territory to a client that is not large enough or too large. The ideal size is big enough to generate the results we desire yet not so large that we're competing with more law firm marketing plans and companies than we have to.

Yes. Many of our clients increase their campaign level or have us launch other campaigns for them after a few months of consistently seeing positive results. We can custom create any size attorney marketing campaign or even multiple campaigns to target any specific type of new clients in any specific areas of the U.S. We would love nothing more than for you to become one of our clients that has actually brought in extra staff and associates to handle the new law firm clients we're generating for you.

Yes. We can make any changes you'd like at any time you'd like to the marketing site we created for you as well as the marketing campaign we're running for you. All edits are completed within two business days and there is never an extra charge as this is included in our service to our attorney clients.

Yes. Any time a client wants to increase their marketing they would simply contact me directly and I will accommodate their needs quickly, and always with a discount.

We cannot use your existing website with our program because the most important parts of our packages are our tracking devices and alerts. The marketing site we create for you will have a unique tracking phone number so we can track the calls as well as an email form so we can track the emails. These features not only allow us (and you) to clearly track the results but they also trigger the email and text alerts that our software sends to you with each lead generated. If we were to use your existing website you would never know when we're generating new clients for you, and even more importantly we would also never know.

The website we create for the marketing as well as the ads we place online will not affect any other online sites or ads you are currently running. Our site will have its own URL, different from your own domain name. The site we provide will also not be connected or linked to your main site in any way. Our entire platform is designed to run on its own, independently, and to track its own results. It stands alone and is held fully accountable for its own performance.

Thanks for taking the time to review our FAQ's and I hope to hear from you soon!
Peter Ocello

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