FIRST we create a marketing website that represents you and your business or services. This one page site is created from our own templates that are very professional, simple and effective.
NEXT we add 3 separate tracking devices into that site. The first is a tracking phone number we assign to you. When a caller calls this number that call will get routed directly to you and we will have a record of each and every call generated. We also record the calls so you'll be able to listen to and screen your calls. The next tracking device is an email lead capture form. This is a very simple form that captures the user's name, phone number, email address and any questions or comments. They simply complete the form and the email gets sent to you immediately. Like the phone calls these emails are also tracked and stored in our online tracking system (which you will have 24/7 access to). The last tracking device in your marketing site is our own proprietary software that tracks data from each and every visitor that lands on your marketing site. This data tells us what we need to know to be able to effectively optimize your campaign and make it perform better and better.
THEN we set up your ads online so that local people who are searching for your exact services (or products) will find you quickly and easily. You will tell us exactly what type of services you are looking to promote, and the local area you wish to target. We will then take the time to carefully and specifically set up your ads, choose your keywords and pay for your exposure to ensure immediate. Within one day your ads are running where they need to be and local searchers are finding your ads and clicking through to your marketing site. Typically within a week we start to see new calls and emails being generated for you.
The tracking devices we use are not only used to prove to you that we are bringing you new business, but also so we know when your marketing is working and when it needs improvement. Using the special marketing sites with the tracking devices is critical to the success of our campaigns.
And in the spirit of making it easier and as least risky as possible for new clients to try it out we are now offering a 1 month trial. You only pay for 1 month, we market you for a month and track the results for you, and you only continue if you love the results!