As time progresses it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure that email leads reach our clients. The problem is that all email software programs have filters that are designed to block unwanted email messages. To make matters worse each email program's software is different which means there is no universal way to address or fix this problem.
Many believe that simply tweaking their spam settings or adding specific email addresses to their approved sender list will ensure they will receive these emails, but the fact is there are many other technical reasons why emails can and do still get blocked. We are consistently generating extremely valuable email leads for our clients day after day and we cannot simply hope our clients are connecting with these valuable leads!
Our new FORM2PHONE feature was specifically designed to address this problem. Now when an email lead is generated for any of our clients our auto-dialer system will dial our client and get them on the phone. Our client will then hear a message letting them know a new email lead was just generated for them, and the contents of that email will be read to them. At that point our client can quickly connect with that lead on a live call by simply pressing "1" on their phone!
And the best part is that if our client is busy and unable to answer that call or speak to that lead at that time, the lead is not lost. The customer who completed that email form was simply sending an email, he or she was not even aware that our system would be attempting to connect them with our client on a live call. That email lead will still be sent to our client's email address as well as stored in our tracking system as a back-up.
Over the years we have developed and implemented some very cool features into our marketing program, but this new feature has us the most excited as we believe this is our coolest feature yet!