Peter Ocello - Bullseye Local Marketing
Hi I’m Peter. I’m the President and founder of Bullseye Local Marketing as well as the fuel behind the Contractor Pipeline program.
There’s a lot of reasons why my clients choose to do business with me and I’m sure these reasons are the same specific things you’re looking for in a marketing professional.
Here’s the top 5:
#1 This business is my baby, my obsession and my passion. I founded the company in 2004 and have built it up to what it is today; a small company with big power and deep roots. My clients love that I am a small operation that is 100% dedicated to them, and that I have a tremendous passion for business. My clients know that I am looking after their campaign and their success every day, and because of this I have never been busier, or happier, with my business. I also know every one of my clients on a personal level, by their first name, and I am the only person in my company they ever speak to or deal with. That’s the attention they seek and the attention I love providing them with. My clients also know that I always work exclusively with each client which means I’m never promoting any of their local competitors. I am also very proud to be an accredited A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.
#2 My plans are more affordable and low-risk than any other comparable marketing plans that utilize the same features and technologies. I’ve done my research and I know my competition, and I know that nobody else offers the same quality program that I offer, with exclusivity, at the prices of our plans. Most of my clients tell me that in the past they’ve had to spend literally twice as much for the same type of program with the same features from other companies- and still didn’t have any exclusivity. Most of them also had to sign long term contracts- another thing my clients never have to do.
#3 My plans work and my tracking system proves it. Using our unique tracking devices and technologies we track each and every inbound call and email we generate for our clients in real-time. During typical business hours I sit behind these two screens watching over my client’s campaigns, making sure everything is running smoothly. I’m a lot like a big brother watching over their marketing constantly, always making sure the calls and emails are being generated and making sure business is taking place.
#4 My alert features make sure my clients know exactly when I’ve generated a call or email for them. Let’s say you’re on a job with for of your customers, and you have my system sending your inbound phone calls to your office so your secretary can schedule these estimates and service calls for you. Each and every time a call or email comes in to your office, an alert is sent to you, to your mobile device as an email and/or text message. This keeps you in the loop even when you’re out of the office.
#5 My program is so easy to use. Do you or your staff answer the phone when it rings? Of course you do. Do you read and respond to emails you receive? Of course you do. Guess what- you’re ready to use my program. I set everything up for you. I make the marketing materials. I set up the tracking and alert features. I place and manage the ads online. I manage and maintain everything every day so you can focus on what you do best- take care of your customers.
I’d love to hear from you and hopefully add you to my list of clients I work very closely with. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, the email forms on my site are the quickest and easiest ways to reach me. Thanks for your time.
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