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#1 If I already have a website, how would I benefit from the services offered by BLM?
Many of our clients do have existing websites; however these websites are usually not designed to generate sales. Most websites are good at providing information about the product or services offered by the business. The landing pages we create for our clients are designed to generate sales, and that is what they do. We also market our client’s landing pages with marketing techniques that are different than those commonly used to promote a website. After using our service for a few months, our clients agree that they are generating more sales from the web than they ever did before, thanks to our marketing campaign.

#2 Are there any guarantees offered?
We do guarantee that we are going to deliver exactly what we say. This includes landing page creation, lead capturing and tracking, and marketing and maintenance of our client’s campaigns. As with the large majority of marketing products and packages offered, there are no guarantees for the performance of the client’s campaign.

#3 How many leads will I get with the Marketing campaign?

The majority of our clients receives several leads per week from their campaigns, and generate new sales from a large percentage of those, but results do vary. There are different factors that can cause the results to be greater or lesser such as demand for the client’s product or service, current marketplace competition, seasonal trends, etc.

#4 What modifications will be done to my website for the marketing campaign?

We do not make any modifications to our client’s website(s). As mentioned earlier, we create our own landing page for our client’s campaign, and this is the page we drive search engine users to when searching for the specific products or services our clients offer.

#5 If you don’t track clicks to my website, how do you track the results of the marketing campaign?
We have two tools we use to track leads and results; a tracking phone number and a lead generation form. The tracking phone number we provide for our clients can be a local number or a toll free number, and connects the caller directly to our client’s regular business phone number. When a user calls the tracking number, a record of the call is logged on the call log, and the entire call is recorded from the first ring to the very last second. The call recording has also proven to be a great tool for our clients to monitor their employees on the phone with customers. For some clients, we also provide a lead capture form that is accessed through the client’s landing page. This form allows a user to email a message to our client inquiring about their products or services, and is also captured and saved in our database for future reference.

Did You Know

With traditional print advertising you are typically hoping to target 1 or 2 percent of your local audience? Don\'t you wonder how many people, of the 5,000 or so you mail to, will be interested in what you\'re offering?

Privacy Policy

Any information that is submitted through any forms on any of our websites or URL\'s is kept private.

Hit The Bullseye

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, ours work to get your business in front of people that are in your local area, AND are looking for exactly what you offer. Are you ready to start getting better results?

How It Works|Become a Partner|What We Do|FAQ|Testimonials|Client Directory